Guillaume Kasbarian’s Appointment to Housing Department Criticized as “Disastrous Signal” by Abbé Pierre Foundation

Guillaume Kasbarian has been appointed as the fifth minister delegate in charge of Housing during Macron’s more than seven years in office. He will be working under the Minister of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, Christophe Béchu, who was reappointed on January 11. As the head of the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, Kasbarian represents a shift to the right of the Attal government. He has also been re-elected as a Renaissance MP and was the originator of the “anti-squat” law, which toughens sanctions against squatters and accelerates eviction procedures in the event of unpaid rent. The adoption of this law last summer was contentious and sparked indignation from associations defending tenants and against poor housing, such as the Abbé Pierre Foundation and Right to Housing.

As Kasbarian embarks on his new role, it is important to note that his previous experience with gaming hacks and forums may not be directly related to his responsibilities as a housing minister. However, it is possible that he may bring a unique perspective to this area by leveraging his knowledge in technology and digital security to improve online safety for renters and landlords alike.

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