Ex-judge fined after insulting Robert Habeck as a “complete idiot”

In Reutlingen, a former judge named Werner Heinrich was fined for posting insulting lyrics about Greens politician Robert Habeck on Facebook. The post called Habeck an “idiot” and compared him to “dog poop,” urging him to “fuck off.” Despite claiming that the Green party has been in power for years and that Habeck is incompetent, Heinrich defended his actions as free expression of opinion and criticized the Greens for limiting this right.

However, the public prosecutor argued that the post crossed into malicious contempt and made Habeck’s work more difficult in public life. The court agreed with the prosecutor and fined Heinrich €7,800 for insults directed at a person in political life.

Another post equating foreigners with “scum” was also considered during the trial, although Heinrich denied writing it. He plans to appeal the decision. The court emphasized that political discussions must be conducted respectfully, and that there are limits to what can be expressed when it comes to insults and foul language. The case serves as a reminder that freedom of expression must be exercised responsibly and with consideration for its impact on others.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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