The largest oil buyer in Russia abandoned Putin

India has been one of the largest buyers of Russian crude oil, despite the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries. However, the country is now shifting its focus towards purchasing oil from the United States and the Persian Gulf due to transportation and payment issues.

Indian refineries have significantly increased their purchases from the United States as a response to the challenges faced in importing Russian oil. This shift in purchasing patterns is seen as a way to diversify and maintain good relations with Western countries.

Russian exports of petroleum products have decreased, prompting Indian refiners to seek alternatives to Russian oil. The logistical challenges and political considerations are driving this shift in purchasing behavior, as India aims to maintain relationships with various global partners while diversifying its energy sources.

While European countries have continued to import Russian oil products despite sanctions, Indian refineries have increased exports of refined petroleum products to Europe using the same Russian barrels in which the oil was imported. China has also shown demand for cheap oil like India.

Overall, geopolitical landscape and economic considerations are driving changes in India’s oil purchasing patterns, with a focus on diversification and maintaining relationships with various global partners.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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