Jordan foils attempt to smuggle missiles and explosives for saboteurs

Recently, Jordanian security services have thwarted multiple attempts to smuggle weapons into the Kingdom. These efforts include missiles and explosives, which were sent by militias backed by another country to an internal “sabotage cell” consisting of members of the banned “Brotherhood” group. The weapons were seized when the cell members, who were Jordanians, were arrested in late March. Investigations and operations are currently underway to gather more information about these incidents.

In recent months, security services have successfully prevented several attempts to smuggle weapons into Jordan. According to two sources, a militia-led plot to carry out terrorist and sabotage acts was stopped in late March. The weapons were allegedly sent from factions in Syria to a cell linked to the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, which has ties to the military wing of Hamas. However, Hamas has denied any involvement in actions targeting Jordan or interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

Some reports suggest that individual errors may have led to some members of the Muslim Brotherhood being arrested while in possession of weapons. It is believed that these individuals were recruited by a Hamas leader operating from exile in Lebanon. These events occurred amid escalating tensions in the region, prompting Jordan to enhance its security capabilities to counter potential threats.

Following these incidents, the Jordanian government issued warnings against actions that threaten its sovereignty and security, pledging to take constitutional legal measures against those inciting chaos. The Speaker of the Senate also cautioned against attempts to undermine Jordanian unity and stability, referring specifically to movements associated with the banned Muslim Brotherhood group. Additionally, the Public Security Directorate announced the arrest of individuals involved in acts of sabotage and violence in a specific area of Jordan.

Overall, it appears that security services have been successful in preventing weapon smuggling into Jordan despite ongoing tensions in the region. However, it remains important for them to remain vigilant and continue their efforts to protect national sovereignty and maintain peace and stability within its borders.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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