Fuel oil prices reach a three-month high

On Saturday, the Federal Public Service Economy (FPS Economy) has announced that heating oil prices will increase for both large and small orders. For orders of at least 2,000 liters, the maximum price will rise above 1 euro per liter for the first time in three months. The price for this amount will be a maximum of 1.0013 euros per liter, which is 2.5 cents more than the current price. This marks a significant increase in the cost of fuel oil for large consumers.

On the other hand, for orders of less than 2,000 liters, the maximum price will be 1.0394 euros per liter on Saturday, and at the pump, it will be 1.15 euros per liter. This represents an increase in prices due to fluctuations in oil products and their biocomponents on international markets. According to FPS Economy, these fluctuations have affected the supply chain and led to higher costs for consumers.

The FPS Economy has stated that they are closely monitoring market developments and taking steps to ensure that consumers are not unduly affected by these price increases. They have also urged consumers to reduce their energy consumption and consider alternative heating sources such as geothermal or solar power to mitigate the impact of rising fuel oil prices on their wallets.

Overall, this announcement from FPS Economy highlights how global events can impact local economies and affect consumers’ daily lives. It is essential to stay informed about market trends and take necessary steps to protect ourselves from any potential negative consequences caused by these changes.

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