Georgia Business Owners Experience Frustration Due to State Website Problems – WSB-TV Channel 2

Cosmetologist Michael Lavay, who has been a licensed professional in Georgia for 30 years, is among the many business owners across the state experiencing issues with renewing their licenses through the Georgia Secretary of State’s new online program. He described the process as normally simple but has faced difficulties due to the update.

Lavay emphasized the importance of renewing licenses and the potential consequences for not doing so on time. Other professionals, including vets, athlete agents, and architects, have also faced similar issues. When Lavay reached out to the state for help, he received unhelpful responses, adding to his frustration.

The state has confirmed that they are experiencing issues with the site and have extended the deadline for renewal to April 30th. However, there is no clear information on when the problems with the site will be resolved. Lavay expressed hope that the issues will be fixed soon and that he could get back to running his business without any further delays or complications.

As business owners continue to face difficulties with license renewal, they are eager for a resolution to these problems with the online program. They hope that they can finally put these challenges behind them and focus on what really matters – running their businesses successfully and serving their customers.

In conclusion, business owners in Georgia are facing numerous challenges when it comes to renewing their licenses through the Secretary of State’s new online program. From cosmetologists to funeral directors, all types of businesses are affected by this issue. These difficulties add unnecessary stress and frustration for business owners who are simply trying to do their job and run a successful enterprise. It is important for officials in charge of this program to address these concerns promptly and ensure that businesses can operate smoothly once again.

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