Germany mobilizes business support to rebuild post-war Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called on private companies to invest in the reconstruction of Ukraine during a conference in Berlin focused on international support for post-war rebuilding. Scholz emphasized the need to provide companies with a strong business case for investing, highlighting Ukraine’s potential in sectors like renewables, IT, and pharmaceuticals as areas for investment. In addition to urging private investment, Scholz announced that Germany would be sending more air defence systems, missiles, and munitions to help bolster Kyiv’s defences against ongoing Russian attacks.

The conference in Berlin aims to showcase Ukraine’s readiness for European Union membership and attract funding for rebuilding efforts, despite Russia’s ongoing military actions in the country. This comes ahead of an upcoming international peace conference in Switzerland, which has raised concerns about including key players like China and Russia in the peace process. The resignation of a top Ukrainian reconstruction official citing “systemic obstacles” hindering his work has added controversy to the conference in Berlin.

Kyiv has highlighted the urgent need for support in its energy sector, which has been severely impacted by Russian airstrikes causing damage to power generating capacity and leading to blackouts across the country. Overall, the conference serves as a platform to rally international support for Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts and highlight the importance of investing in the country’s future growth and stability.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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