Meloni and Tajani visit Basovizza to seek forgiveness for a guilty silence

In recent years, the Day of Remembrance has brought attention to a dark period in history that was previously overlooked and dismissed. Giorgia Meloni, the first prime minister to participate in the ceremony, addressed the citizens directly, acknowledging their suffering and emphasizing the importance of remembering the innocent victims and seeking forgiveness for the past silence of Italy’s institutions.

The solemn ceremony held in Basovizza on the day commemorating the foibe massacres and Julian-Dalmatian exodus served as a powerful reminder of the tragic events that took place on Italy’s eastern border. Prime Minister Meloni reaffirmed the government’s commitment to ensuring that these events are never forgotten.

The Day of Remembrance, established in 2004, holds great significance in acknowledging Italy’s painful history and honoring those who suffered. This year, government officials and ministers took part in various events to pay tribute to those affected by these events and ensure their stories are remembered.

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