Delay on the bet for a rate cut due to rain?

The upcoming days are set to be filled with significant events in the world of business and finance. One of the key factors to watch is the unexpected strength of the U.S. economy, which has caused caution at the Fed and cooled expectations for a March rate cut. On Tuesday, January inflation data will provide further insight into whether price pressures are gaining momentum, potentially affecting future rate-cut predictions.

Meanwhile, in the UK, inflation figures are set to be released on Wednesday, with the Bank of England predicting a return to its 2% target for inflation this year. However, the possibility of a rise in the third quarter has caused money markets to push back the anticipated timing of the first rate cut.

On Wednesday, Indonesians will head to the polls to elect their next leader. President Joko Widodo’s policies have helped thrive trillion-dollar G20 economy but lead-up to election has been tumultuous causing unease in Indonesian markets. Finally Russia’s central bank will have a meeting on Friday where they have increased rates by 850 basis points since July in an effort to combat inflation exacerbated by labor shortages rouble weakness and high budget spending. The central bank faces a challenge in addressing inflation without burdening consumers and businesses with increased borrowing costs these events will certainly be worth monitoring in the coming days.

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