Woman removed from Delta flight requests policy revision after being asked to wear a bra

Lisa Archbold, a woman who was recently escorted off a Delta Air Lines flight for not wearing a bra, has gained media attention and legal representation from Gloria Allred. The incident occurred in January when she was due to fly from Salt Lake City to San Francisco wearing a loose white t-shirt. According to Archbold, a Delta gate agent escorted her off the flight, mentioning that her outfit was “offensive” and “revealing.” She felt targeted and humiliated by the experience.

Despite being told that she could re-board the plane after putting on a button-up shirt, Archbold expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation. She emphasized that her chest is smaller than many men on the flight and that there should be no difference in what clothing a person wears based on their gender.

Allred sent a letter to Delta’s president questioning the discriminatory nature of the incident and highlighting the contradiction between Archbold’s outfit and Delta’s policy that clothing causing “an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance” could result in removal. She requested a meeting with Delta’s president to discuss a practical solution to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Despite Delta’s previous apology to Archbold, they did not respond to Allred’s request for comment outside of US working hours. This has led some to call for a change in policy at Delta Airlines.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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