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The pursuit of healthy living and sustainability is a growing concern among local residents in the community, evident in their engagement in cultivating fresh produce. Kavelina Torres, APRN-Anchorage, captured this commitment through a photo showcasing the effort put into growing vegetables.

In the United States, heart disease remains a significant health concern. According to statistics from the CDC, 1 in 5 deaths in the country are attributed to heart-related complications. However, adopting a plant-based diet can substantially reduce this risk by up to 25%. When combined with regular exercise, stress management, and quality sleep, individuals can further mitigate their susceptibility to heart issues. Dr. Jillian Woodruff explores the advantages of a plant-based diet and naturopathic medicine on the latest episode of Line One: Your Health Connection.

The episode features expert guests such as Dr. Cameron O’Connell, ND, FABNE, who specializes in medical care at Coordinates Health Care in Kenai, Copper River, and Yukon River. Zaneta Stetsunova also contributes valuable insights into promoting plant-based diets within the community as co-founder of Anchorage VegFest and founder of the Sunday Fresh Market at O’Malley in Anchorage.

Listeners can tune in to catch this informative program scheduled for Wednesday, March 27th at 10 am AKDT with a repeat airing later that same day at 8 pm AKDT on Line One: Your Health Connection or other Alaska Public Media podcasts. Subscription options are available to stay up-to-date with all future episodes and resources provided by Line One: Your Health Connection and other Alaska Public Media podcasts.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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