The Greenland Soccer Association Seeks Membership in Concacaf

Greenland has officially applied to join Concacaf, the governing body for soccer in North and Central America and the Caribbean. If approved, Greenland would become the 42nd member of the continental association. The Football Association of Greenland announced the application on Tuesday, highlighting their desire to compete at a higher level.

National football team manager Morten Rutkjaer expressed excitement about the potential membership, viewing it as a significant step forward for Greenland’s soccer ambitions. He emphasized the hard work that has gone into reaching this point and believes that joining Concacaf will inspire players and enhance the country’s soccer culture.

Greenland’s football governing body has established a strategic collaboration with the Icelandic football union in order to strengthen their international presence and home game management. The formal application to Concacaf was submitted on May 13, signaling Greenland’s commitment to expanding its soccer network and knowledge among existing member countries.

Despite its relatively small population of around 56,000 people, Greenland would surpass some current Concacaf nations in terms of population size. Rutkjaer explained that through connections with other member countries in Concacaf, Greenland aims to learn and prepare for the challenges of competing at the national and club team levels.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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