Are the Nets regretting the James Harden trade?

The Brooklyn Nets are in a crucial stage of their franchise as they strive to return to championship contention. Despite their offseason focus on adding talent, a certain trade from the past continues to haunt them.

In January 2021, the Nets acquired James Harden from the Houston Rockets in exchange for several players and future draft picks. Harden was brought to Brooklyn to help star players Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving pursue a championship. However, after just one season, Harden expressed a desire to leave the team due to various issues.

Following his departure, the Nets traded him to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Ben Simmons. However, Nets fans were disappointed by how the Harden trade turned out, as they had hoped to form a championship-caliber team with a big 3.

One of the most glaring reminders of the unsuccessful trade is that the Rockets now hold the third overall pick in the 2024 NBA Draft, obtained through the Nets. Brooklyn’s lackluster 2023-24 season led to Houston unexpectedly landing a top pick in the draft lottery.

The Nets are now facing consequences of trading away future draft assets, as they lack picks in the upcoming draft and are in need of young talent. The Rockets are exploring ways to regain those draft picks and are willing to negotiate with the Nets to acquire players like Mikal Bridges in exchange for draft picks.

Looking back at it now, Nets management is regretting their decision to trade away Harden and is reminded of missed opportunities to build a championship team. They will continue to navigate their path back towards contention while also grappling with

By Sophia Gonzalez

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