McLaren Northern Michigan raises awareness for heart health

Dr. Siddharth Gandhi, an interventional cardiologist at McLaren Northern Michigan hospital in Petoskey, takes a patient-centric approach to addressing blockages in the heart’s arteries. He emphasizes compassionate care and utilizes preventive, diagnostic, and interventional therapies to enhance his patients’ well-being. Patients often present with symptoms like chest discomfort or heaviness, especially during rest or exertion. Gandhi urges patients to seek medical attention promptly if symptoms persist or are accompanied by additional signs like sweating, nausea, or vomiting.

Regular monitoring and proactive management of risk factors are crucial for heart health. Controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, maintaining a healthy BMI, and engaging in routine exercise are key elements of a heart-healthy lifestyle. Gandhi stresses the importance of annual check-ups with primary care physicians to assess cardiovascular health and identify any potential issues early on. By staying informed and actively participating in their own healthcare, individuals can take proactive steps to prevent heart disease and maintain optimal well-being.

To promote cardiovascular fitness and overall health, Gandhi encourages patients to prioritize physical activity such as walking, biking, or aerobic exercises. For more information on heart health and preventative measures, individuals are encouraged to consult with their primary care physicians and healthcare providers. For questions or more information, contact reporter Annie Doyle at (231) 675-0099 or

By Sophia Gonzalez

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