Homeless encampments near Hollywood recording studio Sunset Sound negatively impacting business

The iconic Sunset Sound recording studio in Hollywood has been facing a series of challenges lately, with the homeless community posing a significant threat to its existence. Over the past year, incidents such as Taylor Swift being accosted outside the studio have had a negative impact on the business.

In addition to these incidents, the studio has also suffered from property damage caused by people using the bathroom anywhere they please and needles being left in plain sight outside the building. During Sunday’s burglary, thieves stole the studio’s blank checks, leading to the cancellation of their accounts.

According to Sunset Sound president Paul Camarata, these issues have caused recording artists to hesitate working with the studio. However, despite these challenges, L.A. City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez’s office has stated that they are monitoring the situation and working with outreach teams to address the problem. Unfortunately, with only 400 shelter beds available for approximately 3,000 homeless people in the area, it remains unclear how effective these efforts will be in resolving the issue.

Overall, if this situation continues unchecked, it could mean not just trouble for Sunset Sound but also for other businesses in Hollywood that may face similar challenges due to rising homelessness in Los Angeles County.

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