Houthis threaten to target Israeli vessels beyond the Red Sea area

On Thursday, the leader of the Houthis, Abdul Malik al Huti, announced that the Yemeni rebels will be expanding their attacks against Israeli vessels beyond the Red Sea region. He revealed that this week, they have carried out two “operations” in the Mediterranean Sea. Al Huti warned that ships belonging to companies that transport goods to Israel will be targeted within the capabilities of the Yemeni Army. He also cautioned those who collaborate with Israel to avoid using Mediterranean routes to reach Israeli ports, emphasizing that the Yemeni cause is humanitarian and moral.

Al Huti declared that it is essential for the international community to increase pressure on Israel to end their actions in Gaza. As long as Israeli aggression persists, he believes that the fighting on various fronts, including Lebanese, Iraqi, and Houthi, must escalate significantly. He emphasized the importance of the fourth stage of escalation, which aims to target ships of all companies transporting goods to Israel. Al Huti predicted that despite attempts by Israel and its partners to protect their ships, they will fail just as they did in previous encounters.

In his speech, Al Huti reiterated his call for countries to stop moving goods to occupied Palestinian ports and stressed the need for continued pressure on Israel to halt its actions in Gaza. His speech aimed to shed light on the ongoing conflict and the Houters’ determination to resist Israeli actions in various maritime regions.

The leader of the Houthis has been vocal about his opposition to Israeli aggression towards Palestine for years now. In a statement released earlier this year, he called on governments around the world to condemn Israel’s actions and take immediate action against them.

Al Huti’s announcement comes after several weeks of increased tension between Yemen and Israel over maritime disputes in various regions.

The Houthis have been accused by some of engaging in piracy activities against Israeli vessels in recent months. However, al-Huti denied any involvement in such activities during a press conference earlier this month.

Despite warnings from al-Huti and other leaders about potential escalation of conflict if Israeli aggression continues unchecked, there are concerns among international analysts about a possible military confrontation between Yemen and Israel.

It remains unclear what steps both sides are taking behind closed doors or how they plan to de-escalate tensions before a full-blown war breaks out.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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