Mmgnet: Your Ultimate Fashion Resource in the Modern World

Sign up for the Vogue Business newsletter to receive exclusive membership discounts, valuable insights and the latest luxury news. Building strong consumer communities around brands is crucial for purpose-driven businesses, but developing personal connections is essential in the world of fashion. This can often be challenging, but trade shows and buyers markets remain crucial for establishing trusted connections and serving as essential routes to market for brands.

Mmgnet Group is at the forefront of providing technology trends and insights to facilitate these relationships, connecting decision-makers with the resources they need to enhance strategies across sourcing, marketing, and more. The company has expanded its offerings to include market insights and trend forecasting capabilities, with a focus on supporting the fashion industry as a whole. Recently, Mmgnet released its 2024 US Fashion Consumer Outlook report, which delved into the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry.

With well-known fashion events like Coterie, Project, and Magic now under the Mmgnet umbrella, industry professionals have access to a platform that offers business relationships, resources, insights, and products all in one place. President Kelly Helfman emphasizes the company’s goal of empowering customers and the industry as a whole to drive mutual benefit, growth, and progress.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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