Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, found guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm

The son of the American president, Hunter Biden, was convicted by a federal criminal court for illegal possession of a firearm in 2018. This unfortunate incident occurred during the height of Joe Biden’s re-election campaign and amidst his struggles with drug addiction. The jury found that Hunter had lied about his drug use when purchasing a revolver in 2018. This marks the first criminal conviction against the child of a sitting president.

Hunter Biden, an artist and businessman, has been at the center of attention for his legal troubles and substance abuse issues. The prosecution emphasized his drug addiction and presented evidence of his struggles, including a photo showing him with a crack pipe. Despite Hunter’s denial of being under the influence at the time of purchasing the gun, the jury ruled against him. The looming sentence could include up to 25 years in prison, although alternatives may be considered.

The Republican Party led by Donald Trump has sought to exploit Hunter Biden’s controversies to tarnish Joe Biden’s reputation. This ongoing narrative has impacted the Biden family’s attempts to distance themselves from scandal. While Joe Biden expressed unwavering support for his son during the trial, he made it clear that he would respect the legal proceedings. The outcome of this case could potentially affect Joe Biden’s political standing as he approaches his final year in office.

In conclusion, the conviction of Hunter Biden for illegal possession of a firearm adds another layer of complexity to Joe Biden’s public image as President. Despite Joe’s commitment to upholding justice, Hunter’s personal struggles with addiction and legal issues continue to cast a long shadow over his presidency.

The trial revealed that Hunter had purchased a revolver after lying about his drug use, leading him to be convicted on three counts related to illegal possession of a firearm in Wilmington court in Delaware.

The news broke out as Joe was campaigning for re-election and struggling with drug addiction himself.

Joe took it upon himself to attend all court proceedings while maintaining support for his son despite their differences.

Hunter’s defense argued that he had been clean at the time but failed to convince the jury.

This is not only embarrassing but also poses challenges for both father and son’s political prospects.

It will be interesting how this verdict will shape Joe’s legacy as he prepares for retirement from presidency next year.

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