Third eruption of volcano in Iceland

Iceland’s Grindavik volcano erupted yesterday for the third time since December, sending lava into the sky and causing the evacuation of the Blue Lagoon spa. The eruption began around 6 a.m. along a three-kilometer fissure northeast of Mount Sundhnukur, about four kilometers northeast of Grindavik, a coastal town of 3,800 inhabitants that was evacuated before the December 18 episode. The weather service said the lava was flowing west and did not pose an immediate threat to Grindavik or a major power plant in the area.

The nearby Blue Lagoon closed at the start of the eruption and its guests were evacuated. A steaming lava flow moved along a road next to the spa. Earlier this week, the Meteorological Office warned of a possible eruption after observing the accumulation of magma over the past three weeks and recorded hundreds of small earthquakes since last Friday. A stunning video from the Icelandic coast guard shows lava fountains rising more than 50 meters into a dark sky. A column of steam extended about three kilometers above the volcano.

The Reykjanes Peninsula volcanic system has had three eruptions since December, with Grindavik being

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