New provisional measures issued by ICJ against Israel following South Africa’s request on hunger crisis in Gaza

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued new provisional measures against Israel on Thursday after South Africa presented a second request to the court on March 6 regarding the famine situation in the Gaza Strip. South Africa’s brief asked the ICJ for new precautionary measures or a modification of previous ones in order to ensure the safety of 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza, including over one million children.

The court has instructed Israel to adopt all necessary and effective measures, in coordination with the United Nations, to ensure the unhindered and large-scale supply of humanitarian aid to the Gaza population. This includes food, water, electricity, fuel, shelter, clothing, hygiene and sanitation, as well as medical supplies and care. Additionally, the court has emphasized the need to increase the capacity and number of land crossings for aid delivery and to keep them open for as long as necessary.

Israel has been urged to ensure that its Armed Forces do not commit acts that could violate the rights of Palestinians in Gaza, including any actions that hinder the delivery of humanitarian assistance. Israel is required to submit a report within one month to report on compliance with these additional measures.

South Africa has celebrated this decision and emphasized that it is a crucial step towards addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and holding Israel accountable for alleged genocide in late December when they filed a complaint against Israel with ICJ for alleged genocide in Gaza Strip which resulted over 32,500 deaths.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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