A Berliner embarks on a fundraising journey across the USA in a Trabant

Jan-Erik Nord’s Trabi, a champagne beige beauty hailing from Europe, has just landed in the USA. He plans to embark on an epic 6,000 km journey across the country in his iconic two-stroke engine Trabant from Zwickau. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the 601 model, and Nord has named his mission “Route 601”.

Nord’s tour will take him through some of America’s most famous cities, including Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Yellowstone National Park and Stanford in California. Alongside his journey, he carries a small teddy bear with him – a gift from Käthe Hofmann from Zwickau – who is a four-year-old suffering from an incurable butterfly disease.

Originally planned as a vacation, Nord’s tour has taken on a new purpose: to raise awareness and collect donations for a new therapy for Käthe’s condition. Along the way, he plans to engage with people, institutions and share his journey on social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok.

The Trabant may have been born in the socialist GDR but it has left its mark on America – especially through its appearance alongside Thomas Gottschalk in the comedy “Trabbi goes to Hollywood” in the early 1990s. Nord’s love for Trabis began as an adult when he experienced a ride in it while living in Berlin. Now on his third Trabant, Nord is excited about promoting awareness for Käthe’s condition and exploring America’s landscape in this iconic car. His journey combines adventure, charity and passion for one of the most cult vehicles out there.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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