Independent candidates ahead in Pakistan’s election

In Pakistan, two recent elections have led to independent candidates with ties to former head of government Imran Khan leading the way, according to TV reports. On the other hand, candidates from the Conservative Party (PML-N) led by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif are reportedly performing poorly in the ongoing vote counting. Despite this, official results have been difficult to obtain due to violence and allegations of manipulation.

According to several broadcasters, independent candidates won 47 out of the 106 constituencies for which results were available, while the PML-N only had 17 seats. A total of 265 seats were up for grabs in Thursday’s election, with new parliament and provincial assemblies being elected. Out of the 130 million people eligible to vote, many turned out at polling stations across Pakistan.

Imran Khan is founder of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party and was recently imprisoned for treason, bribery, and illegal marriage. This led many of his party colleagues to be excluded from the election. However, many independent candidates who were backed by Khan came forward to contest in these elections.

Pakistan is a nuclear power and one of the five most populous countries in the world. It is currently facing an economic crisis with high inflation and a declining economy. Despite closing more than 17 hours after voting ended on Thursday, many election results had not been published due to issues in transmitting votes after mobile networks and internet were restricted on election day for security concerns.

In conclusion, it seems that independent candidates loyal to Imran Khan are leading the way in these elections while traditional political parties like PML-N are struggling to keep up with their performance. The allegations of manipulation and violence overshadowing official results make it difficult for analysts to predict an accurate outcome for this pivotal moment in Pakistani politics.

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