What we know about the collapsed bridge in Baltimore: a scene reminiscent of an action movie

A dramatic collapse of a kilometre-long bridge in Maryland occurred in just twenty seconds around 1:30 a.m. local time, resulting in the loss of eight workers and at least seven cars that ended up in the cold water. The accident was confirmed to be an unfortunate mistake and not an act of terrorism as stated by the FBI.

The Dali, a freighter that had lost propulsion and power, became rudderless just before colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Despite dropping anchor and alerting authorities, the collision was unavoidable due to the vessel’s out-of-control state. The tragedy resulted in significant losses for Maersk, a Danish shipping company, with their stock value dropping significantly.

Rescue efforts were ongoing to locate missing workers and retrieve submerged cars from the water. The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge raised questions about its structural integrity, especially given its massive span compared to newer bridges. The automotive supply chain in the US faced disruption due to the closure of the port of Baltimore for rescue operations.

The impact of this bridge collapse went beyond the local community and affected industries reliant on transit through this port. Efforts were being made to divert shipments and address logistical challenges posed by this catastrophe. This tragedy served as a reminder of how critical infrastructure failures can have far-reaching consequences, emphasizing the importance of maintaining and updating aging structures regularly.

The Dali’s tragic loss of control highlighted how even small mistakes can lead to significant risks when it comes to maritime transportation. It also brought attention to how quickly accidents can occur on such large vessels without warning or intervention from external sources.

In conclusion, while rescue efforts continued for those missing workers and retrieving submerged cars from the water, questions about structural integrity remained unanswered regarding this mile-long bridge collapse. The incident underscored how important it is for governments and private companies alike to invest in regular maintenance and upgrades for aging infrastructure if they hope to prevent future catastrophes like this one from happening again.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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