Official Announcement: Iran Holds Isotope Separation Technology Alongside Limited Nations

In a recent interview with Fars news agency, Ali Noroozi discussed the accomplishments of the AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran) over the past year. He noted that the Department of Advanced Technologies introduced two new products during this time period. The first product is focused on separating tellurium isotopes, while the second involves manufacturing spectrophotometer equipment used in nuclear fusion.

Noroozi highlighted the significance of the spectrophotometer as a highly precise diagnostic tool in nuclear fusion. He emphasized how by producing this device domestically, Iran has become one of only a few countries in the world with access to this technology. The deputy head of AEOI also spoke about Iran’s plans to expand its peaceful nuclear programs in the upcoming Persian New Year and achieve a prominent position in nuclear fusion within the coming years.

Furthermore, Noroozi revealed that Iran will unveil its stable isotope separation chain for iridium in the New Year. He stressed how this development represents a significant step forward in radiography and diagnostic capabilities, which have been negatively impacted by US-led Western sanctions. These advancements in nuclear technology demonstrate Iran’s commitment to progressing in this field despite external challenges.

In conclusion, Ali Noroozi highlighted that AEOI has made remarkable achievements during past year and it has introduced two new products related to tellurium isotopes separation and manufacture of spectrophotometer equipment used in nuclear fusion. These advancements demonstrate Iran’s dedication to progressing in the field despite external challenges such as US-led Western sanctions.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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