The arrival of sports streaming: Is the end of traditional TV near?

Live sports programming has revolutionized the entertainment and sports viewing industry in recent years. No longer are consumers confined to the traditional cable bundle as their only source of live news and sports. Thursday Night Football is now available on Amazon Prime, Lionel Messi can be seen on Apple TV, and WWE Smackdown has found a home on Netflix. Google’s YouTube TV has emerged as the fourth largest TV provider in the country, further disrupting the industry.

Even traditional TV providers are adapting to this changing landscape. Fox, Disney’s ESPN, and Warner Brothers Discovery have joined forces to create a mega-sports app that caters to cord-cutters. This trend of consumers moving away from traditional cable bundles is being fully embraced by live sports programming.

On TechCheck this week, we will revisit our in-depth analysis of the “Great Rebundling” and explore the impact of live sports on the ever-changing media landscape. As live sports content becomes more accessible through a variety of streaming platforms, it raises an important question: does live sports programming mark a turning point in the shift away from traditional cable bundles?

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