Israeli forces conduct surprise operation to free two Argentinian Hamas hostages

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) successfully rescued two Argentine hostages kidnapped by Hamas in a daring night mission. Ferdinand Marman and Louis Har were released from their captivity after being held for over three months. The news of their safe return was confirmed by the Argentine Government through diplomatic sources this morning.

The Israel Shin Bet, the Israeli Defense Forces, and special police forces carried out a joint operation to free the two Hamas hostages in Rafah, in the Gaza Strip. The operation began with dozens of airstrikes against Hamas’ Shabura battalion to ensure that they would not understand the true objective of rescuing the hostages. According to reports, two relatives of the Argentines had previously been released during an exchange of hostages from November 23 to 30. Both Marman and Har had been kidnapped from Nir Yitzhak kibbutz, where they had gone to visit Clara Marman, who was also kidnapped by Hamas and later released at the end of November.

The kibbutz of Nir Yitzchak stands on an agricultural area that is one of the richest in Israel. It is estimated that Hamas murdered around 60 people there on October 7th, when they attacked Nir Yitzhak kibbutz as part of their terrorist attack on Israel’s territory. The Israeli air force attacked when Hamas militants tried to intercept the rescuers, and both Marman and Har were taken by military helicopter to Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan for treatment.

Israel has been fighting a tough battle against Hamas since October 7th when they launched their savage attack on Nir Yitzhak kibbutz, resulting in more than 26,000 deaths according to Palestinian health organizations. President Javier Milei reiterated his request for the release of each Argentine hostage during his visit to Israel earlier this week with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Isaac Herzog. He thanked Israel for carrying out the rescue mission successfully and condemned Hamas terrorism once again through his social media accounts on Twitter/X account while his spokesperson Manuel Adorni echoed these sentiments as well.

There are still several other Argentines remaining as hostages in Gaza Strip along with others such as baby Kfir Bibas and his family members Ariel and Julie Cunio who are among them as well as Karina Engelbert and her two daughters Mika and Yuval Angel all held captive by Hamas since last October 7th’s attack on Nir Yitzhak kibbutz which is located near Rafah city which is currently under heavy siege due to its proximity

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