Biden administration senior official expresses lack of confidence in current Israeli government

According to Jonathan Feiner, Saudi Arabia’s demand for normalization with Israel is contingent on the creation of a Palestinian state. Feiner raised concerns about whether Israel would take significant steps to establish two states given the current administration in Israel. He also pointed out that the US government would have to perform actions that are very unpopular with their policies and Congress in order to forge relations between the two states.

Feiner criticized inflammatory comments made by certain Israeli officials and condemned the failure of the Biden administration to address those statements. He also called out the administration for making missteps in their responses to the war and for failing to properly address criticisms of their handling of the situation. Feiner noted that Biden’s past comments about the war had angered many U.S. citizens.

During a meeting held by Biden, participants revealed that the administration did not commit to making policy changes or addressing their appeals for a ceasefire. The US government agreed to issue a letter reiterating their support for the UN Relief and Works Agency after temporarily suspending funding due to UNRWA workers’ participation in violent acts.

Biden’s accountability on this matter became central to discussions surrounding his prospects in Michigan as campaign staff members visited the state and secretly met with top officials there, working to address concerns and advance policies in the region. However, some local leaders declined to meet with campaign staff and expressed their desire for direct communication with policymakers instead, despite opposition from the White House

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