Israel bombed tents, according to Director General of the World Health Organization

In the aftermath of the recent bombing in Rafah, where tents sheltering displaced people were destroyed, 11 individuals lost their lives and 50 others were injured, including children. The attack has sparked outrage and condemnation, with calls for health workers and civilians to be spared from targeting.

Health Minister Uriel Busso expressed his frustration at the reports that emerged from the incident, accusing the Director General of the World Health Organization of turning a blind eye to what was happening on the ground and siding with Hamas, a terrorist organization. Busso defended the actions of Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF), stating that they were acting morally by protecting civilians even amidst conflict.

The health minister also accused the World Health Organization and its employees of collaborating with Hamas in acts of terrorism against Israeli citizens who are reportedly being held captive by Hamas. He criticized there being no condemnation towards Hamas for their actions against innocent people.

The news report about the bombing in Rafah was automatically generated and included links to unrelated forums and profiles. It is crucial to stay focused on the severity of this situation in Rafah and how it highlights the need to protect civilians and health workers in conflict zones.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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