Tensions between Israel and the US highlighted in recent CIA report

According to a recent report by CNN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is refusing to define a post-war plan for Gaza despite pressure from the Biden administration. The report suggests that Netanyahu believes he can maintain support from his security leaders and avoid defections from far-right members of his coalition by only discussing the future of the Strip in vague terms.

The confidential document indicates that Netanyahu is defying not only US but also moderate members of his government to define an “end game” for Gaza. He has stated that he will only seriously engage in the post-war issue after meeting what he considers to be key security requirements, which could take months to achieve. The completion of major military operations and the elimination of Hamas military commander Mohammed Deif are seen as necessary steps towards achieving these requirements. Deif has been targeted by Israel multiple times, and although injured, is believed to still be alive.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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