Israeli game wins Apple Design Award for innovation category

Apple has recently announced the winners of various categories for the best applications and games for iPhone smartphones. The Israeli game Lost In Play, the first title from Happy Juice Games, won in the Innovation category. This award recognizes excellence through the innovative use of Apple technology.

Lost In Play is a game that features adorable characters and fun mini-games, offering players an exciting adventure through a child’s imagination with carefully crafted puzzles. The point-and-click journey features hand-drawn graphics, easy-to-learn interactions, and addictive gameplay, awakening a child’s sense of discovery at every turn.

The commentary accompanying the announcement of the Israeli company’s victory highlighted the unique qualities of Lost In Play. It is worth noting that among the nominees in this category were popular games like Call of Duty: Warzone. With its innovative approach and engaging gameplay, Lost In Play stood out as a deserving winner in the Innovation category.

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Overall, it’s great to see how developers are using Apple technology to create innovative and engaging games for iPhone users.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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