New Technologies for Peace and Security in the Aftermath of October 7

Ortech, an Israeli company located in Kibbutz Karmia in the Gaza Strip, has developed a resilient dedicated panel that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and can be easily installed on the shell of a building. The panel’s design allows it to protect against impacts from drones, aircraft, or explosives, preventing explosions within the building.

Another innovation from Israel is EZRaider, a compact and lightweight vehicle designed for off-road conditions and crowded city areas. Equipped with a patented six-axis suspension system, four wheels, low center of gravity, and precise braking, EZRaider is an ideal choice for security forces, emergency responders, and security agencies worldwide. Its success has been particularly notable in Israel’s IDF special forces, police units, and foreign armies operating in various countries.

MER is another Israeli company that provides customized solutions for safe and smart cities globally. Their offerings include advanced fiber optic infrastructure, microtrenching technology, and IoT-based solutions for routine management emergencies and predictive analytics. The SMART-M police station system developed by MER centralizes data from various city systems to help authorities make informed decisions efficiently while managing information effectively. These innovative technologies enable local authorities to maintain control over urban challenges while enhancing enforcement capabilities for rapid responses.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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