Jake Gyllenhaal Believes His Legal Blindness Gives Him an Advantage in His Career

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Jake Gyllenhaal shared that his legally blind status has given him an advantage in his acting career. Born with a lazy eye, he has worn corrective lenses since childhood but still considers himself blind. However, Gyllenhaal believes that his limited vision can be an asset, allowing him to focus more on his performances and block out distractions.

Gyllenhaal explained that not being able to see clearly in the morning before putting on his glasses gives him a moment to himself, helping him to tune out the noise and concentrate on his character’s emotions. He has also used his blindness to challenge himself in various ways, such as removing his contact lenses during filming of “Southpaw” to listen more attentively in a scene where he learns of his wife’s death. This technique helped him fully immerse himself in the scene and discover new depths of emotion.

For “Road House,” Gyllenhaal once again delved into the world of sports and fitness, portraying an ex-UFC fighter alongside Conor McGregor. Despite this role pushing him out of his comfort zone, Gyllenhaal expressed a desire to take on roles that challenge him and allow him to discover different aspects of his acting abilities.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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