Jennifer Lopez, a Hollywood actress, expresses fear of AI, calling it “really scary”

Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez expressed her concerns about the potential dangers of AI at the Los Angeles premiere of her Netflix sci-fi film Atlas. In the movie, Lopez plays a data analyst who must rely on AI to save Earth from an evil robot. During an interview with Variety, Lopez highlighted the importance of being respectful and open to all possibilities when it comes to AI technology.

Lopez shared her personal experiences with AI, including seeing manipulated ads for skincare products and photos of her face covered in wrinkles. She emphasized the need for individuals and companies to be mindful of how they use AI and to ensure that it is used ethically.

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos believes that while there are legitimate concerns about AI replacing human jobs in various industries, including Hollywood, he remains confident in the power of human creativity. He believes that AI can enhance human abilities but ultimately it is up to the individual to effectively use it in their job.

The recent dispute between OpenAI and actress Scarlett Johansson regarding the use of her voice for their AI model ChatGPT 4o has further highlighted ethical concerns surrounding AI technology in Hollywood. Johansson accused OpenAI of stealing her voice without permission, bringing attention to the potential risks associated with using someone’s likeness or voice without their consent.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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