John Goodman Found Scorsese’s ‘Bringing Out the Dead’ Production Challenging

John Goodman, in an interview with Business Insider, discussed his 1999 movie, “Bringing Out the Dead.” He confessed that he did not feel he gave a good performance in the film. Goodman revealed that during filming, he was struggling with personal issues and his daughter had a health scare while visiting him on set. Despite not being able to take her to the hospital, his co-star Dan Aykroyd and his family took care of her while Goodman worked.

In the interview, Goodman shared how difficult it was for him to focus on his role in the movie due to his personal turmoil. However, despite these challenges, he believes that he could have given a better performance if circumstances had been different. Despite not being cast in another Martin Scorsese film after “Bringing Out the Dead,” Goodman has continued to have a successful acting career.

The actor praised his co-star Nicolas Cage as someone full of energy and ideas. Currently, Goodman is featured in the sixth season of “The Conners.” Despite having a difficult time working on “Bringing Out the Dead,” Goodman has managed to maintain a successful acting career.

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