Jon Stewart Returns and Shares Candid Thoughts on Biden’s Age

Jon Stewart has returned to “The Daily Show” after a hiatus, and he is back with a vengeance. In his first day back, he tackled the age of President Joe Biden and expressed his skepticism about the praise that Biden’s allies have lavished on him. However, Stewart also highlighted the differences between the two candidates, pointing out that while Trump regularly says things that would warrant a wellness check at his own rallies, Biden has lost a step.

Stewart didn’t shy away from criticism of both candidates in his monologue. He criticized Trump for his numerous legal troubles and indictments, as well as for his TikTok videos and press-conference gaffes. He also referenced the deeply unflattering special-counsel report that questioned Biden’s memory. Despite this, Stewart made it clear that he sees the two men as vastly different in their approach to politics and governance.

Overall, Stewart’s return to “The Daily Show” marks an exciting new chapter for him and for political commentary as a whole. With so much at stake in this election, it’s important to scrutinize both candidates thoroughly, and Stewart is more than up to the task.

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