Hague Tribunal renews hearings on war in Gaza and Rafah

The High Court of Justice in The Hague is currently discussing Israel’s actions in Gaza, with South Africa accusing Israel of genocide and violating the rights of Palestinians under the Genocide Convention. However, Israel argues that even if the court accepts South Africa’s arguments and issues an order for Israel to stop the war in Gaza, the decision is not legally binding.

If an interim order is issued, it could potentially be used as a basis to request a binding resolution from the UN Security Council, where Israel may rely on the American veto. Additionally, if the court’s order leads to arrest warrants for Israeli officials, it could have significant legal and political implications.

After initial hearings in January, the court found it likely that Israel had violated Palestinian rights under the Genocide Convention. The judges ordered Israel to refrain from genocidal acts and improve humanitarian conditions in Gaza. However, Israel denies these accusations and claims they are protecting Palestinian civilians from Hamas.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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