Thieves stole Vaatebrandi Kaiko’s one-of-a-kind clothing collection en route to Finland

A recent incident has left Finnish clothing brand Kaiko in a tough spot. A batch of about 100 supplementary products, including unique and small clothes made from warehouse knits, was stolen from a truck during transportation from Portugal. According to Kaiko’s vice president, Marianne Kokkonen, the theft is especially unfortunate since the stolen batch was the only special one on the transport and no other surplus fabric was left in the factory to replace it.

This incident marks the first time an issue of this nature occurred to Kaiko during Kokkonen’s career. Their Portuguese suppliers had warned about potential issues in the past, but nothing like this had happened before. Reports have surfaced that clothing brand Riva Clothing also experienced a similar theft incident, leading Kokkonen to suspect that there may be a connection between the two cases since most of Riva Clothing’s clothes are also made in Portugal.

Although financial losses are expected to be minimal, Kokkonen expressed her disappointment at the situation. The authorities were immediately informed, and a criminal complaint has been filed. As of now, there is no clear answer yet on what happened to the stolen products. Kaiko is continuing to investigate the matter while keeping track of their responsibility until they reach their warehouse.

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