KC Sports Commission submits over 20 bids to host NCAA championships

The Kansas City Sports Commission has recently submitted over 20 bids to host NCAA championship games between 2026 and 2028. Kathy Nelson, the commission’s President and CEO, expressed her excitement about the city’s track record of hosting prestigious NCAA events. She thanked the staff and partners who collaborated to create the bids.

The bids include a variety of events such as DI Men’s Basketball at the T-Mobile Center, DI Men’s Soccer, and DI Women’s soccer at the CPKC Stadium, as well as the DII Fall Festival, which includes multiple sports. The deadline for bids was February 7th, with championships set to be awarded and announced on October 2nd.

Mayor Quinton Lucas also expressed his support for the bids, highlighting the importance of sports to the identity of Kansas City. The city has a history of successfully hosting NCAA teams and fans, and the community’s support has been crucial in these efforts.

In addition to future event bids, the commission also announced plans to host two major NCAA championships: the DI Wrestling Championships in March 2024 and the DI Women’s Volleyball in 2025 at T-Mobile Center. These events are expected to attract large crowds and will further establish Kansas City as a premier host for NCAA championship events in years to come.

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