Kemira’s year-end pace slowed due to decrease in chemical prices – Economy

In October-December, Kemira reported a decrease in net sales from 969 million euros to approximately 809 million euros. The decline was attributed to lower sales prices of energy-intensive pulp and bleaching chemicals. Despite this setback, the company’s operating EBITDA increased by 17 percent from the previous year to 667 million euros, reaching a record high profitability for the company.

Kemira’s operating profit decreased by just under 10 percent during this time period, shrinking to approximately 113 million euros after accounting for the loss related to the sale of the Oil & Gas business. However, despite these challenges, Kemira’s financial performance has been strong overall. For the whole year, the company generated an operating profit of 463 million euros and its turnover reached a total of 3.38 billion euros.

As a reward for its successful financial performance, Kemira has announced that it will pay a dividend of EUR 0.68 per share in October-December. This represents a significant increase from last year’s dividend and is reflective of the company’s commitment to delivering value to its shareholders. Overall, Kemira continues to be a leader in industrial chemicals and is well positioned for continued growth and success in the future.

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