Final Day of NYC Health + Hospitals Rally for Better Pay Led by Doctors and Health Leaders

On Wednesday, doctors within the New York City Health + Hospitals system will hold a final rally day to demand better wages and address staffing shortages and mental health care services. They believe that closing the wage gap with private hospitals is crucial in attracting and retaining high-quality medical professionals.

The ongoing rally has been led by resident and intern physicians who have been advocating for these issues since late January at hospitals in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. Despite their efforts, NYC Health + Hospitals officials have assured that the current contract remains in place as they work to address the doctors’ concerns.

According to NYC Health + Hospitals officials, no appointments or services will be disrupted during the rally. They emphasize their commitment to providing uninterrupted care to patients while working towards finding solutions to the doctors’ demands. The outcome of this final rally remains uncertain, but one thing is clear – the doctors within the New York City Health + Hospitals system are determined to fight for better wages, staffing, and mental health care services.

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