EU under pressure to halt Vulcan asset expropriation

Legislation Proposed to Sanction Ships Using Punta Venado Port

In response to the ongoing controversy surrounding the expropriation of Vulcan Materials Company’s limestone quarry and port in Quintana Roo, Mexico, members of the United States House of Representatives have proposed legislation aimed at sanctioning ships that utilize ports controlled by companies from a specific country. The bill specifically targets ships that use the port of Punta Venado and are proposing to prevent them from unloading or receiving repairs in that country if they are subject to expropriation.

The purpose of this initiative is to put pressure on President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s government to reconsider its plans to take control of the quarry and port, both owned by Vulcan Materials. The quarry, previously known as Calica and a subsidiary of Vulcan, is being considered for expropriation to develop a recreational park, while the Puerto Venado maritime terminal would transition into a private facility for cruise ships and ferries.

Last year, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in Mexico suggested that the more than 2 thousand hectares owned by Vulcan could be designated as a natural area. In response to the government’s actions, a group of US congressmen sent a letter to Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Bárcena, expressing concerns about Vulcan Materials Company’s treatment by the Mexican government.

Alabama Republican Senator Katie Britt condemned President López Obrador’s actions, noting that they pose a threat to key infrastructure projects in Alabama and throughout the Southeastern United States. Republican Senator Bill Hagerty from Tennessee also spoke out against the illegal seizure of Vulcan Materials Company’s assets, emphasizing that the company has operated in Mexico since the 1980s.

Vulcan Materials, based in Birmingham, Alabama, is the largest producer of construction aggregates in the nation. Its subsidiary in Quintana Roo, Sac-Tun

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