The US president described as a friendly elderly man with a bad memory, according to report on Joe Biden

After conducting a thorough investigation, Special Prosecutor Robert Hur has published his findings on the withholding of confidential documents by US President Joe Biden. Although the report clears Biden of any wrongdoing on a legal level, Hur warns that the 81-year-old president’s “bad memory” has weakened him politically, particularly as he faces a close race with his main opponent, Donald Trump.

Hur’s 388-page report reveals that Biden knowingly kept and disclosed classified documents after his vice-presidency while he was a private citizen. Despite this, the report does not recommend an indictment, as it is unlikely that a jury would convict an elderly man with memory problems. The report includes several passages highlighting Biden’s memory lapses during interviews with US officials and his biographer. Hur notes that Biden’s memory has deteriorated since 2017, making him appear inconsistent and demonstrating diminished faculties and memory defects.

The report also accuses Biden of keeping classified documents at his home without authorization but suggests that a juror could conclude that he may have forgotten or been unaware of their existence. While the report may weaken Biden on the political front, it also highlights that he was entitled to possess these documents at the time of their discovery in his capacity as president.

Former President Donald Trump reacted to the report by denouncing a “two-tiered judicial system.” Republicans seized the opportunity to attack Biden’s competency by making statements about elderly individuals with bad memories not being fit to hold nuclear codes.

The White House responded negatively to the report, stating that comments on Biden’s memory were not accurate or appropriate. They argued that interviews took place during an international crisis, which may have contributed to his inaccuracies. Biden himself responded angrily to the report, insisting that he does not suffer from memory problems.

In conclusion, while Hur exonerates Biden legally, he raises concerns about his mental state on a political level. The findings give Trump and Republicans ammunition against him and could affect how voters perceive him before November elections.

Hur’s investigation into Joe Biden’s withholding of confidential documents has brought light to several issues surrounding both legality and politics in America today. While Hur’s report clears Mr.

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