Teenager Antonelli Set to Replace Hamilton at Mercedes in Shocking Move

At the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was spotted driving during the second practice session. The news broke on Tuesday that the 17-year-old Italian driver, Andrea Kimi Antonelli, will replace Hamilton at Mercedes in 2025. This has surprised many in the F1 world as Hamilton is a seven-time world champion and has been with Mercedes for many years.

According to reports, Germany’s Mercedes team has reached an agreement with Antonelli to take up a seat in their lineup next season. Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes to join Ferrari next season has left many questions about what will happen to his seat at the team he has called home for so long. Antonelli is expected to team up with George Russell in the Mercedes lineup.

Toto Wolff, the team principal of Mercedes, spoke about their plans for next year during an interview at the Canadian Grand Prix. He stated that they have not yet finalized their plans and are still looking for ways to reinvent themselves for the future. While he did not mention anything about current Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz taking over Hamilton’s seat, Wolff did say that he believes that Antonelli will play a significant role within the team.

Antonelli bypassed Formula 3 and is currently competing in Formula 2. As a member of the Mercedes junior academy, he has had the opportunity to test out older Mercedes cars. Hamilton expressed his confidence in Antonelli being a good successor but is unsure about what specific plans are in store for him at Mercedes. Nonetheless, if it were up to him, he would choose Antonelli as his replacement without hesitation.

The departure of Hamilton from Mercedes marks a new chapter in both his career and for the German team. With Antonio Liuzzi taking over as technical director and Lewis Hamilton leaving, there is much uncertainty surrounding what lies ahead for them both.

Overall, it seems that Lewis Hamilton’s time at Mercedes may be coming to an end as they prepare for a new era with Antonio Liuzzi and Andrea Kimi Antonelli leading them into this exciting new season of Formula One racing!

By Sophia Gonzalez

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