Dave Rudnick Promoted to Chief Technology Officer at LG Ad Solutions

LG Ad Solutions, a global leader in connected TV (CTV) and cross-screen advertising, has appointed Dave Rudnick to the position of Chief Technology Officer. In his new role, Rudnick will be responsible for leading technology strategy, advising engineering, product, data, and network security systems teams, and developing innovative solutions that support the company’s clients, prospects, and the broader CTV industry.

Rudnick brings over three decades of experience in pivotal technology positions and advanced advertising to his new role. He previously led the development of Vizio Ads’ CTV platform and is excited to continue this work at LG Ad Solutions. Michael Hudes, CEO of LG Ad Solutions, expressed confidence in Rudnick’s abilities to make a significant impact on the company. Rudnick stated that he believes that the CTV industry is hungry for innovation and that LG Ad Solutions is at the center of providing innovative solutions that prioritize the viewer experience and maximize outcomes for marketers.

LG Ad Solutions is known for helping brands find hard-to-get unduplicated reach at optimal frequency across the fragmented streaming TV landscape. By combining LG’s experience in delivering smart TVs with big TV audience data and Video AI, they aim to connect brands with audiences across all screens. Rudnick will continue working with his talented team and fellow leaders to create solutions that cater to their customers’ needs. For more information on LG Ad Solutions, visit their website.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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