Health Fair for Lexington Seniors

Bonita Taylor, a senior health advocate and founder of the United Vendors of America, organized a senior health fair at a Lexington living center. The event aimed to provide local seniors and residents of assisted living homes with information on health care insurance and other products and services relevant to their age group. Among the vendors present were those selling skin care products and jewelry.

Taylor’s inspiration for this event came from attending a senior health fair in Frankfort, Kentucky about 15-20 years ago. She felt that it was important to bring a similar event to Lexington and offer the community an opportunity to learn more about their healthcare options. Aetna Medicare Solutions had a booth at the fair, where they spoke with attendees about the importance of face-to-face interaction in educating seniors about intangible products like insurance.

One of the goals behind the fair was to educate seniors on alternative and additional benefits that could complement their Medicare coverage. Taylor emphasized that many seniors are not aware of these extra benefits, so providing this information was crucial for her. In addition to informational booths, vendors were also selling skin care products and jewelry, giving attendees the chance to find thoughtful gifts for their loved ones.

The success of this event has inspired Taylor to organize another senior health fair in the near future.

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