Online Love: Beware of Catfishing and Pig Butchering Scams

As the use of dating apps and websites continues to grow, so does the prevalence of romance scams. Cybercriminals are exploiting these platforms to deceive people into believing they have found love, only to turn it into a nightmare. Popular apps like Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder are commonly used by many Spaniards, but it is important to be cautious with the information shared on these platforms.

‘Catfishing’ is a common tactic used by scammers where they pretend to be someone else in order to gain the victim’s trust and then ask for intimate photos or money. ‘Pig butchering’ is another technique used by scammers where they convince victims to invest in cryptocurrencies and disappear with their money. Additionally, cybercriminals are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create ‘deepfakes’ that impersonate others in alleged romantic relationships.

It is crucial for users to be aware of signs that may indicate they are being targeted by a romance scam. These signs include scammers falling in love too quickly, avoiding in-person meetings, sharing limited personal information, and asking for money to solve problems. To avoid becoming victims of romance scams, users should refrain from sharing too much personal information on dating apps, avoid linking their profiles to other social media accounts, and be wary of incongruent questions from potential scammers. Checking privacy settings and reporting suspicious activities are also important steps in protecting oneself from romance scams.

Despite the growing number of victims of romance scams in recent years, many are hesitant to report their experiences due to shame. However, it is crucial to report these incidents

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