M-Cube: Your Technology Partner for Digital Signage Summit Europe 2024

M-Cube, an in-store digital entertainment provider, has been named the Technology Partner for the Digital Signage Summit Europe 2024. The summit will take place in Munich on May 22-23 and will bring together leaders from technology, communication, media, and retail to discuss current trends and drivers for the upcoming year.

During the two-day event, M-Cube will create customized content to help attendees navigate their visit smoothly and easily. Screens placed around the venue will feature graphics and animations designed by M-Cube to welcome guests, provide directions, and promote event timetables. This will help attendees navigate the event smoothly and easily. The content has been specifically created by M-Cube for the 2024 Digital Signage Summit.

Mike Blackman, Managing Director at Integrated Systems Europe, emphasized the importance of choosing a technology partner specialized in content creation for digital signage. He expressed that M-Cube was selected for their expertise in this area, ensuring a powerful and engaging experience for attendees at the event. President of M-Cube, Manlio Romanelli, expressed excitement about creating unique visuals for the Digital Signage Summit. He views it as a privilege to be able to contribute to the progress of digital signage and looks forward to exploring the next steps in the industry.

To learn more about M-Cube and their services, you can visit their website.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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