Vermilion Parish Business Prepares for Mardi Gras Celebrations

Vermilion Parish is buzzing with excitement as preparations for Mardi Gras are in full swing. Manuel Screenprinting, located in Kaplan on the corner of 5th street and Cushing Avenue, is at the forefront of these preparations.

As the only screen printing store in town, Manuel’s is known for its high-quality shirts. Owned by Rhonda Baudoin and her husband for the past fourteen years, the store has become a local gem that plays a significant role in Kaplan’s culture. According to Rhonda, Mardi Gras is an integral part of the community’s identity, and preparation for the event requires a great deal of skill, training, and passion. It takes four months of training to perfect the art of screen printing, and attention to detail is critical to produce impeccable shirts that meet customers’ expectations.

This year, Manuel’s is honoring a Krewe Chic La Pie member who passed away after a heart attack by designing a special shirt in her memory. Rhonda describes it as a personal honor to create something that will be worn in honor of her friend. For those interested in shirt designs and quotes, they can contact the store via email at,,, or

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