Material Science Innovation Drives Global Competitive Advantage through the OODA Loop

In 2024, the OODA Loop Research Series focused on the theme of Exponential, Convergent Material Science Innovation as a Global, Strategic, Competitive Advantage. This research series explored the significance of material science and its role in shaping technological advancements that will define the future.

Scott Nuzum, a contributor to OODA Loop and the Senior Vice President at Innovyz USA in Chicago, shared a foundational Original Analysis post on Five Exciting Breakthroughs in Material Science in 2023. This post laid the groundwork for further exploration and discussion on the topic. In the following quarters of Q324 and Q424, Scott’s insights were expanded upon in a series of posts aimed at individuals who may not have a technical or scientific background but are interested in project management and strategic planning.

Through interdisciplinary, cross-sector, cross-matrixed, and whole-of-government engineering or scientific experiences, the significance of material science becomes apparent. It is a fascinating discipline that drives global, strategic, competitive advantage across various technologies. Material science plays a crucial role in exponential, deep, frontier, and emerging technologies, making it a key driver of innovation.

Material science is often overlooked but is actually the silent enabler of the future. It doesn’t just support the development of technologies but actively propels them forward, shaping the advancements that will define the next century. As such

By Sophia Gonzalez

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