“Virginia Teacher Incorporates Sports into Classroom Teaching” – NBC4 Washington

Paul Malc, a public school teacher at Mantua Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia, has found an innovative way to engage students in math lessons that are tied to football. He aims to use the popular sport to help them better understand and connect with the class material.

Malc, who is passionate about motivating students to pursue their passions, emphasizes to his students that anyone, regardless of appearance, can have a career in sports. By incorporating “the math of football,” he teaches various topics such as statistics in order to relate mathematical concepts to the sport and make the learning experience more relatable.

In a separate story, Vashti Cunningham, a high jumper and potential Paris 2024 Olympics participant on the Team USA track and field team, steps out of her comfort zone by taking her passion for photography to the Super Bowl’s opening night.

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